CEO’s Message

The profession of nursing carries a pivotal role in the delivery of health care at any health care level. It bridges the intellect of the consultant to the patient for the intended outcome. The skillful handling of instructions depends upon the quality of the upbringing and training of nurses. The profession of nursing incorporates a blend of specific qualities of highly professional and technical skills, self-sufficiency, extreme sense of duty and self-motivated obligation. It is a profession of commitment to humanity. The nurses indeed create an enabling environment for other medical professionals to operate and function. Nursing is an innovative, challenging, and psychologically rewarding career that is in high demand offering those who pursue a noble career as an opportunity to contribute to the society positively. They work closely with the patients’ needs better than anyone, leading them to find innovative and personalized solutions to the health challenges.


There is an ongoing need for nurses resulting in good job security, a competitive remuneration, and a range of professional opportunities. The career spans from hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, ambulatory care, occupational health, community health, schools, clinics, camps, health advocacy, health education, administration, and public health initiatives. The range of specialties in the nursing profession has been ever-increasing with the advancement of the profession of healthcare.

The skill span ranges from gynecology &obstetrics to neonatology & pediatrics, to general nursing to intensive care nursing, to operation theatre nursing to geriatrics and hospice nursing.

With the increasing awareness, the importance of skilled nurses is increasing and with the technological advancements, the level of skill requirement is advancing.

The nursing schools and the regulatory institutions are also facing challenges to cope up with the rising quality requirements. Future nurses will be highly technical, mentally robust, sophisticated, and very innovative with exemplary communicational skills. The learning space needs to be akin to the futuristic requirements.

Memon Medical Institute College of Nursing has been established as a vital ingredient of the chain of healthcare delivery with specialized training keeping in mind the futuristic challenges and requirements. Carefully selected faculty, purpose-built infrastructure, access to modern facilities, regulated and well-monitored training and education methodologies, encouraging and supportive environment blends all positive qualities leading to produce highly demanded, well-groomed and confident professional nurses from this College of Nursing. All efforts are in hand to achieve professional excellence and create an example to follow. I foresee a brighter profession of nursing in Pakistan and career opportunities in other countries as well.

Brig. Dr. Malik Waqar Ahmed Awan, TI (M) Retd.